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FAQ - Who needed?

  • School and Daycare

  • Government Facilities

  • Doctor, Dentist & Vet

  • Restaurants

  • Salons & Spas

  • Office & Retails

  • Residential & Home

  • Gym & Yoga Studios

  • Commercial Building

  • Rental Properties

The use of electrostatic sprayer is particularly a must for houses with babies that are learning to crawl. This is because floors are highly prone to dirt and germs. We go out, roam around everywhere and bring all kinds of germs, bacteria and dust home via our shoes. It may not impact much if there are only adults in the house as most of us mop the floor with disinfectant cleaners every day. However, you cannot take a chance when you have a crawling baby or toddler around. These cute little beings are all over the floor and before you know their dirty hands are in their mouth. We often see young ones developing conditions such as stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea. One of the main causes of this is crawling and playing on dirty floor/ touching infected surfaces and subsequently eating food or simply sucking thumb/ fingers without washing hands. With an electrostatic spray in place, you can keep all these uncalled for problems at bay. By using this effective sprayer, you can ensure a healthy and happy environment at home.

When you spray this liquid regularly you can successfully counter the breeding of germs on the floor, walls, door knobs and other surfaces. It is also safe to spray it on toys, crib, swings and other such things. However, just make sure not to use these things immediately after spraying the electrically charged liquid. It takes around 10 minutes or so to dry. So, just keep your kids away from them for this short while.

Likewise, it is also recommended to use this spray in day care centers and play schools so that kids can roam around freely without incurring medical conditions such as those mentioned above.